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Welcome, to my personal website and thanks for visiting. I created this site to give you few words about myself.

A year before I graduated from the University of the East, I worked even my parents can support me...! After almost ten years of working as an employee, I decided to go abroad.  I worked in Taiwan for five years and was able to save and invest. I went into business hindi naman kalakihan but at least enough to run and generate income. I managed businesses related to garments, foods & computer accessories nung matapos ang contract ko. It is quite hard but happy with my families support.

I should say lucky na ako for everything I aspire to in my life.  As a person, I attribute all my hard work from being just and honest sa mga taong malapit sa akin at mga ka-trabaho ko. All I have now are products of my hard work and the blessings from God.

I do not want to earn money without working for it.  Kaya kahit alam ko that my husband is there to support me all the way heto I keep working pa rin. Iba pa rin yung may sarili kang pera. May mga ups and downs din ako of course all of us in different ways nga lang. But at least kailangan matibay ang loob natin, we should be strong and always strive to achieve our goals.

Sometimes, I am down when things go wrong, of course tao lang kapag nagka-sabay lahat sabi nga..."When it rains, it pours".  No matter how difficult it is, I should face it and do something to win it over. I try to stand up, and I believe that if you have not wronged anybody, you will be rewarded and provided of all things you need. Sa taong malinis, it is very easy to rebound and rise again.

"The humility and hard work are virtues needed for someone to succeed."  

Investment Guide

  • 29/09/2010 23:36

    Best Places In Asia To Be A Landlord

    HONG KONG - Property prices in some parts of Asia are skyrocketing; since the first quarter of 2009 China 's rose 68% and Hong Kong 's 31%. But some of the best real estate buys may be farther south. Indonesia , the Philippines and Malaysia top the list of best places in the region to be a...

  • 29/09/2010 23:14

    Financial Advise

    Most of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are sinking their money into real estate investments. However, as the food and fuel prices are going up and as the US economy is getting gloomier, most of Filipino investors are getting worried. Are we likely to see the same worsening scenario in the US...

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Usap tayo! Over a cup of coffee? 

Hello, everyone! Hope this note finds you and your loved ones well. It’s been the busiest day for me — so even if I’m kinda swamped with paperwork now, heto I prepare coffee and cake for you. Mas masarap ang coffee with pandesal yung tipong huhugasan mo ung pandesal from the coffee, hehe ganun ako e, and I enjoy it. 


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